My name is Doug Glovaski. I am an artist living and working in the Monterey county of California where I have lived for the last nine years. I have been a professional artist for over thirty five years. My work appears in several private, corporate, and institutional collections.See the Collections page for a select list.

I grew up in the suburbs of the small town of Los Gatos which is near the central coast of California.

After graduating high school I went directly into the work force where I remained for several years until, at the age of thirty five I decided that I had to pursue my lifelong dream of being an artist. I began by creating a body of small work on paper and started showing with local art consultants at cafe's and restaurants in the area. I would eventually join a prominent gallery in San Jose, Ca. where I remained for the next ten years.

I moved to San Francisco, Ca. in 1995. A year later I was asked to join the Dolby/Chadwick Gallery located in downtown San Francisco where I remained almost eighteen years. Since that time I have joined several galleries across the country. See the Galleries page for a current list.

I continue to work almost everyday in my studio in an effort to refine and further expand my work.